The problem

A global logistics company saw a substantially increasing need to service smaller vehicles up to a C1 7.5 metric tonne truck – due to overall trends coupled with vehicle size restrictions on Sundays and public holidays.

They had difficulties with loading and unloading from these vehicles at their loading bays, which were built for 40ft artics. C1 trucks were either too low for the dock leveller to reach them, or the dock leveller could reach them but at a steep slope – which was unsafe to work on.

As a result, loading and unloading either had to be done by hand walking to and from the small vehicles causing delays, operational inefficiencies and safety risks or had to be paused all together on restricted days which created peaks either side of Sundays and public holidays.

The solution

The Southgate Ramp attracted the business because it could be rapidly deployed (installed in a day with no yard re-building work needed) it’s zero maintenance needs and adaptability to any site.

The Ramp meant that goods’ in and out operations could continue efficiently and safely whenever smaller vehicles needed to be used and especially on Sundays and public holidays. This allowed 24/7/365 operations, flattening peaks and reducing pressure on infrastructure, leading to more on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

The result

The company noted less stress and more linear work levels after installing the Ramp. And overall, it had a very positive impact on the business, enhancing their operations through improved productivity and end customer satisfaction.

“The Southgate Ramp is a simple, rapidly installed solution that provided us with less stress, more linear work levels, and overall resolved our goods’ in and out operational issues caused by out of hours vehicle size restrictions.”

We estimate that per year per site this will save our customer £55,381 and an ROI of £6,381 within the first year. Find out how much it could save you – try our calculator

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